Let the cooperation between China and SAARC reach new heights

With the aim of furthering substantial exchanges and cooperation between China and the friendship organizations in South Asia, the first China South Asian Friendship Organisations' Forum was held in Beijing from Oct. 28 to Oct. 30. 

The China South Asian Friendship Organizations' Forum organised the event in which the participants discussed on the theme ' New Concepts, New Strategies for China South Asia Cooperation.'    Around 50 representatives from 19 friendship organizations in South Asia and Chinese participants from friendship associations of both national and provincial level were present the meet. 

Representatives from various Nepali friendship associations including Nepal China Society also participated in the event. Prem Kumari Panta, president of the Society delivered the following speech during the event on the behalf of Nepal- China Society. 

Mr Chairman

Delegates and friends,
Realizing the need for a competent organization in order to strengthen as well as add greater dimensions to the close, mutually beneficial, friendly and age-old relationship between Nepal and the neighboring People's Republic of China, Nepal-China society was founded in April, 1993.