The gross flippancy being exhibited by major political parties to reinstate peace in the country has disappointed the northern neighbour.
China is worried about the regional peace and stability if the peace building efforts fail in Nepal, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu in, told a regular press briefing recently.
She also called on the Nepali political parties to properly handle differences, promote the hard-won peace process and realize political stability and economic development at an early date. "It is what is in Nepal's fundamental interest, and what is good for regional peace and stability," she said.
China has always been benevolent towards the efforts made by Nepal for peace and stability.
The latest anxiety expressed by the neutral northern neighbour can be deemed as natural in the light of the fact that Nepal's peace process is also linked with its legitimate internal security interests.
China has also been supporting Nepal's peace process as being the permanent member of UN Security Council.