The Expo, which will reflect the true essence of "New China", is going to be held in Pudong, Shanghai, China.
Expo 2010 Shanghai China is going to lift its curtain in the coming week.
Following is the speech delivered by the Chinese Ambassador Qiu Guohong at an interaction programme organized by Nepal-China Executive Council:
In 1910, a 32-year-old Chinese writer named Lu Shie wrote in his novel "New China" that a world exposition is going to be held in Pudong, Shanghai China, and tourists from both home and abroad will come to visit Shanghai. One hundred years later, in 2010, World Expo, which is also regarded as economic and cultural Olympics, is coming to Shanghai, and Chinese people's centurial dream for hosting World Expo will come true one week later.
World Expo is a large international exhibition of the achievements that human beings have made in the field of society, economy, culture and science and technology. The first International Exhibition was held in London, UK in 1851, 150 years after that, nearly 140 world expos were held all over the world, China's participation in the World Expo can be dated back to 1851 when a Chinese businessman called Xu Rongcun sent 12 packs of silk to the 1st World Expo and a gold award was given to the product. Later on, Chinese product appeared in many world expos held in UK, USA, France and so on. Since China's reform and opening up, China's relations with the world expo have become even closer. On December 3, 2002, 132th General Assembly of International Exposition Bureau (BIE) decided that Shanghai will host the Expo 2010.
This is the first time for China to host such a comprehensive International exhibition, and this is also the first time for the World Expo to be held in a developing country. Expo 2010 Shanghai China will start from May 1 and last till October 31, totally six months, 184 days. Till now, 242 countries regions and international organizations have confirmed their participation in Shanghai Expo, and more than 100 leaders from other countries have expressed their willingness to visit to Expo. It is estimated that 70 million visitors from all over the world will attend the Expo 2010 within six months, and average of 400,000 visitors per day and even 600,000 visitors per day at the peak season, which will be the largest number in the Expo's history. There are more than 100 different venues and pavilions in the Expo. Site including Expo Axis, China pavilion, Theme Pavilion, and Expo Center. The construction area for venue is 740,000 sqm, and the total construction area is 2.3 million sqm, which have created a new record for Expo.
he Theme of Expo 2010 is "Better City, Better Life" This is the first time in the 150 year history of World Expo to set "city" as the theme, which has obtained active response from the accepted by the international community. "Better City, Better Life" is a common concern of human beings. Expo 2010 will play an active role in passing on the theory of sustainable development and become a good platform to discuss the way to build a harmonious family for human beings.
The Emblem of Expo 2010 is inspired by the shape of a Chinese character "iv", depicting the image of three people holding hands together like a happy family, or abstracted as the big family of mankind you, me, him/her to chase for beautiful lives, pushing forward the ideology of "understanding, interaction, get-together and cooperation" of World Expo and emphasizing the people-first pursuit of Expo 2010.
The name of mascot of Expo 2010 is "Haibao", meaning for "treasure of the sea". The name and the figure of Haibao are integrated, representing luck. "Haibao" is created by Chinese character which defines human beings, embodying the features of Chinese culture and echoing with the designing concept of Emblem of Shanghai World Expo. The structure of Chinese character discloses the theory that the better life needs the joint effort of you and I. As long as all the human beings support each other and mankind and nature, mankind and society, people and people could coexist harmoniously, the city will be better and the life will be better.
The activities of Expo 2010 could be divided into three catalogs. The first catalog is pavilions. There are more than 100 pavilions in Shanghai World Expo 2010 and the national pavilion day will be held almost every day. The second catalog is cultural performances. There will be nearly 100 performances every day during the Expo, the total number for performances will exceed 20000 during the Expo.
Moreover, the participants of the expo will have their own events in their pavilions separately and there will also be some more events held before or after the opening of the Expo. The third catalog is Expo forums. During the Expo, there will be one summit forum, 6 thematic forums and more public forums.
Nepal is an active participant of Shanghai World Expo 2010. The Nepal Pavilion is named Arniko Center to memorize Arniko, the Nepalese architecture veteran's contribution on architecture and China-Nepal friendship. The Nepal Pavilion, copying the style of the Arniko times after 11 century, is an exquisite work of art with a large Buddhist pagoda as the centrepiece, surrounded by several fold houses representing styles from different periods. I believe that the Nepal pavilion will be one of the most welcomed pavilions with profound concepts and may visitors.
Up to now, the Organizing Committee of Expo 2010 Shanghai China has already conducted several rounds of trail operation, tested various works ranging from security, transportation, telecommunication, control of flow of visitors and response to emergencies, all of which have been in good conditions. The open, harmonious and advanced China and warm and hospitable Chinese people are expecting that visitors all over the world will visit China to know more about Shanghai and experience Expo 2010 by their own. I'm sure that Expo 2010 Shanghai China must be a successful, marvellous and unforgettable world expo.