Realising the need for a competent organization in order to strengthen the close, mutually beneficial and friendly relationship existing, through the ages, between the Nepal and the neighbouring People's Republic of China and further contribute to the development in the areas such as arts, technology, science, culture etc. by sharing the knowledge and experiences gained by the peoples through an institution in the larger interest of both the countries and making contribution to their overall development, Nepal-China Society has been founded in April, 1993.

The Nepal-China Society shall strive for further strengthening the close, cordial and friendly relationship so happy subsisting, through the centuries, between the peoples of two countries by providing opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and experience through exchange visits of social workers, social scientists, artists, professors, technicians and experts from various areas. It shall also endeavours to contribute to the task of nation-building in Nepal by keeping abreast of the progress made by China in the fields of science, technology, arts, culture and industries.

To attain the objectives as stated above, the Society shall promote the programmes such as mutual visits, meetings, contacts, seminars, discussions, talk programmes and so on at appropriate level, place, time and on subjects as well as holding of exhibitions and fairs with a view to making the people familiar with the developments taking place in each other's country. In addition to it, the Society shall bring out the books magazines and souvenirs that throw light on various aspects of the ways of life in Nepal and China.